Speedy Piano Moving for GTA, Oakville, Waterdown, Milton and Beyond

Moving a beautiful instrument requires the right amount of care and strength. Make sure your piano is moved safely, soundly and speedily with Case Van Geest House of Pianos. Based out of Waterdown, we serve Oakville, Burlington, Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener and Milton. Count on us to move your piano safely and professionally.


Cost to move your piano:

This is a very common question, and unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer. To get an accurate quote we would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

What type of piano?

What we want to know is whether you have an Upright piano, or a Grand piano. The level of preparation required to move your type of piano can influence the quote provided.

What size is your piano?

Typically for Grand pianos, the main measurement we want is the length (From the keyboard to the furthest point on the curve of the piano). For upright pianos we mainly want the height (from lid to floor). This information will greatly assist us in determining the weight, number of movers, and type of equipment we will need to move your piano.

What make/model is your piano?

This again will assist us in determining the weight and value of your piano. Many pianos look alike, however different makes and models can be much heavier than their counterparts.

Location and Destination?

We will need to know your location and the destination your piano will be moving to. What we need to know is your current address, the destination address and closest intersection.

Stairs and Obstacles?

It would be very useful to also provide the number of stairs, or flights of stairs we will be climbing. We would also like to know the terrain; both in the home and around the lot (eg. Paved driveway vs. stone driveway, paved walkway vs. stone walkway, will we be required to carry over other obstacles such as railings etc.). Failing to provide this information may result in additional charges as the amount of time (and subsequently the quote) and level of care may increase depending on each situation.

We take great care with all pianos, and are dedicated to helping you bring your passion for music with you wherever you go. We bring the piano, you bring the music.

If you are interested in our other services such as piano repair or piano tuning, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time by phone at 905-407-2444, or use our contact form!